Teaching Experience

Boston College, Carroll School of Management

MGMT 1021 Organizational Behavior, 2016-2021

This course aims to advance your understanding of organizations and people in organizations, with a specific goal of turning these understandings into concrete and entrepreneurial actions in and out of organizations. This course is designed considering where you will be in ten years from now. By then, you will be occupying key positions in your organizations – a middle manager in a corporation, a senior associate in a professional firm, a leader of a non-profit organization, or a founder of a startup – where your proactive actions will have substantial impact on the viability of your organization, your local community, and even your society. Even today, you are no longer living in an economy where strictly following job requirements guarantees your job security until retirement. Your future organization will most likely exist in a dynamic environment where it needs to constantly reinvent itself to survive, and to help your organization do it successfully, you will be responsible for forging ideas, strategies, and innovations from within, – the key role of an “intrapreneur.” By drawing from a diverse body of fundamental knowledge on organizations and people in organizations, this course will equip you with tools and experiences to become an effective intrapreneur.

Sample syllabus (Organizational Behavior)

Social Intrapreneurship Group Project Guide



Boston College, Carroll School of Management

MGMT 1031 Organizational Behavior for Honors, Spring 2016


University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business 

MO 300 Behavioral Theory of Management, Winter 2012

MO 512 Negotiation Strategy in a Global Economy, Fall 2012, Winter 2014 (Teaching Assistant)