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Media and Practitioner-oriented Publications
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Kim, S., Lee, H., Yoon, S., & Pak, Y. Accomplishing Ongoing System Adaptation amid Unfolding Crisis: South Korea’s Negotiated Enactment during Initial COVID-19 Outbreaks. Preparing Manuscript.

Topic: investigation into how a complex system can adaptively reorganize itself amid an unfolding crisis

Young-Hyman, T., Kim, S., & Sobering, K. Democracy Ends at the Budget: How Resources Attenuate Tension between Competing Ideals in Emerging Democratic Organizations. Analyzing Data.

Topic: emergence process of a fledgling worker cooperative amid tension between logics of democratic organizing and entrepreneurial organizing

Yun, S., Kim, S., Lee, H., & Pak, Y. An Inevitable Failure of “Entrepreneurship That Does Not Fail” for North Korean refugees. Analyzing Data.

Topic: unraveling complex entanglement between refugee entrepreneurship and host country’s social entrepreneurship

Pak, Y., Kim, S., Lee, H., & Yun, S. Need, Merit, and Script: How a Social Enterprise Molded Refugee Entrepreneurship. Preparing Manuscript.

Topic: the role of cultural scripts on determining the success of North Korean refugee entrepreneurs in South Korea