I am Assistant Professor of Management & Organization at the Carroll School of Management, Boston College.

I study processes of innovating amid adversities. Specifically, I have studied:

  • How new ventures emerge to revitalize challenged places like Detroit

  • How a movement for social entrepreneurship (B Corp movement) emerges amid large corporations’ strategic attempts to co-opt sustainability causes

  • How the South Korean public health system adaptively reorganized itself amid COVID-19 pandemic

  • How North Korean refugees reboot their lives in South Korea through entrepreneurship

  • How a worker cooperative emerges despite constant tension between democracy and entrepreneurship

In studying these phenomena, I use primarily qualitative research methods, such as ethnography, with a strong focus on unpacking and theorizing processes.

I received my doctoral degree in business administration from University of Michigan, and my master's and bachelor's degree from Seoul National University. 


Curriculum Vitae